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The City Council is rebuilding bulkheads, and securing grant money to fund anti-flooding measures for the Bay Side and City Center. The Council is upgrading city infrastructure,  the water & sewer plants, and repaving city roads.



The City Council has redone all of the neighborhood parks. City Council members are part of the community and join you at summer concerts, festivals and movies on the beach. The City Council has  introduced new city family events—Winter Wonderfest, Expanded Fall Festival, Trapeze, Shoregasbord, and Social Bikes.



The City Council has worked with the police and fire departments to increase public safety. Crime is down, arrests are up, and there are more police on the streets. The city has more ambulances and more certified paramedics available for emergencies.  Lower speed limits and retimed traffics lights result in safer driving in the city.



Your City Council advocated with you for a fully functioning Long Beach Emergency Room, for clean water and against the LNG project. They are rebuilding Long Beach, saving money and bringing in resources we need to continue the progress.



The City Council is making the hard decisions for the smartest ways to manage the city. They balanced the budget without implementing new taxes by cutting costs and finding new revenues. The city’s bond rating has been upgraded by Moody’s, and the outlook is positive for future bond upgrades.



The City Council has met with neighbors all over town to create a dialog about local issues.  Citizens input directly affected the new boardwalk design and city rebuilding.  The city created the new LB Response app to put you in touch with city programs and events.



May 21, 2014

"Long Beach approves budget that reduces city property taxes"

April 15, 2015

"Long Beach

Comes Back After

Hurricane Sandy"



April 27, 2015

"State comptroller upgrades Long Beach’s financial status"

Meet Your Advocates



Len Torres has been involved in public service in the City of Long Beach for many years.


In 1973 he became a 4th grade teacher at Magnolia School. He went on to teach English Literature and Composition at Long Beach High School and also coordinated the Bilingual/ESL programs for the Long Beach City School District. Len taught Intermediate Spanish at Long Beach High School while acting as Dean of Students and served as Assistant Principal for three years. From 1983 to 1985, Len taught English as a Second Language at Adelphi University, followed by positions as Principal, Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent in Puerto Rico, the Bronx, Roosevelt and Hempstead.


In 1999, Len completed an advanced fellowship degree at Seton Hall University in Leadership and Administration.


He retired in 2005 and most recently authored Project BEACH, an environmental justice program for high school students and the Long Island Occupational Mentorship (LIOM) Program.


Len has served as a member of the Long Beach Zoning Board and the Long Beach Housing Authority Board. He is presently the Program Director for the Long Beach Latino Civic Association, Inc.


In November 2011, Len was re-elected to the Long Beach City Council for a four-year term.  During his new term, Len will continue to dedicate his leadership skills to solving issues involving jobs, housing, environmental justice, fiscal responsibility and open government.


Len and his wife Beth are the proud parents of three children and four grandchildren.




Anthony Eramo was born and raised in Nassau County. He and his wife Jennifer raise their two children, both whom attend Long Beach public schools, in their West End home. He was elected to serve on the Long Beach City Council in 2013 and was sworn in on 1/1/2014. He works full-time as a Field Technician for the telephone company, volunteers as a Long Beach Little League Coach, and hopes to complete his Master’s Degree in Labor Relations soon.


Anthony Eramo is a proud member of the Communications Workers of America Local 1106 and serves as a District Steward. He served CWA Local 1104 for ten years as Shop Steward and Political Coordinator. His work at CWA led to his involvement with the Working Families Party, where he was elected Co-Chair of the Nassau County Chapter, and served from 2009 till 2012.


Throughout his political tenure, Anthony has had the opportunity to collaborate with elected officials at all levels of government, fostering many productive relationships.  In Washington D.C., Albany and Town Halls across Long Island, Anthony has fought to pass legislation that protects working families and the environment.


Anthony is committed to the hard working families of Long Beach. After Super Storm Sandy, everything changed. He was inspired to use the skills he’s acquired as an advocate and organizer here at home in our City by the Sea. His home, like so many, sustained heavy damage, forcing his family’s almost 2 year relocation while they navigated the complicated process of lifting and rebuilding their house to the new FEMA code. Although his family is finally home, they continue to fight for adequate reimbursement from their flood insurance policy and for their NY Rising award.


​In his own words, "I ran for Long Beach City Council to be part of a team that will not rest until Long Beach is back stronger, smarter and safer than ever. I am thrilled at all our accomplishments and excited about all that is still to come. I will continue to fight to keep our taxes affordable and to secure the resources we need to rebuild our community, while providing the vast services and great quality of life Long Beach residents expect and deserve."


Anissa MOORE

Anissa D. Moore, 46, is running on the Democratic line.


A professor of communications at Nassau Community College, she is a 20-year resident of the city. She also has held administrative positions at NCC, including acting dean of social and behavioral sciences.


She has been a volunteer mentor for women who had completed relational and/or drug abuse rehabilitation.


She graduated from Hunter College in 1990 with a bachelor's degree and in 1995 with a master's, both in communications. She is single.



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